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Kathleen Mullin

NYC criminal defense attorney Kathleen Mullin

"For whatever you want to think of Kathleen Mullin for representing someone accused (of a crime)-- she's a good lawyer.  She's passionate, she knows her stuff and she's not afraid to dish the dirt on someone. She's like a character straight out of Law & Order.  If Kathleen Mullin has to cross examine you, BE VERY AFRAID. She will be carrying a bucket of dirt in her left hand. She'll will take her right hand, put it inside of the bucket, scoop up some dirt, raise her hand into the air and FLING THE DIRT AT YOU while you're sittting on the witness box! Like I said, for whatever you want to think of her ...she is a good lawyer, you can't argue with that."  ~NY Daily News (2008)

"Professor Mullin's intellect in the field of law is second to none. She brings both theory and practice into the classroom. Her lectures are intoxicating and powerful. She is a student centered educator and above all else a genuinely good person."  -James Johnston, Esq.

"I have had pleasurable opportunities to co-teach classes with Professor Mullin. She just loves to teach, and the students adore her. She is energetic, hilarious, serious and smart. Once, after she finished demonstrating a closing argument to a group of us instructors, she drew a standing ovation from the room."

-Marc Garfinkle, Nationally acclaimed legal ethics attorney, lecturer, author and columnist 

Advocacy Excellence: The Jury Trial

In February, 2020, Professor Mullin published her first book, which is the consummate guide for trial practice.  Whether in civil or criminal court, Advocacy Excellence:  The Jury Trial gives the reader step by step, soup to nuts instruction on how to win.  It is the only trial advocacy textbook on the market today written by two tenacious female attorneys with more than 60 years of actual trial experience.  Simply a must-have for any student or lawyer working in a courtroom.  

"This book represents a compilation of all of my knowledge, trade secrets, master level trial tips and tricks, and incorporates all the lessons I have learned during more than 30 years of bare knuckled trial work in some of the toughest courtrooms in the country.  It is the book I wish I had owned as I began my career long ago, and I hope it helps readers feel more confident, and competent trying cases at the highest level."  ~ Kathleen M. Mullin, Esq

"BEST BOOK ON JURY TRIALS EVER!  I have been involved in litigation for over 30 years and this is the best book I have read regarding jury trials. Whether you are teaching, a practitioner, a student or just interested in the subject buy this book. The authors give great instruction on the subject. It is obvious that they have tried many cases and share with the reader their wealth of knowledge. I can’t say enough about how thoroughly and interestingly it covers the topic." Amazon verified purchaser

"A must have for every trial.  An outstanding trial guide that will benefit aspiring trial attorneys and veterans alike. These two trial greats have distilled their collective wisdom into this accessible, invaluable framework for trial preparation and execution. I don't go to trial without it."  Amazon verified purchaser


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Ms. Mullin will be appearing soon in each of the following venues to teach, train and lecture.  

MAY 23-26, 2022 Virginia

JUNE 5-9, 2022


JUNE 12-18, 2022 

Stetson Law School, FL

JULY 19-21, 2022 


JULY 25-29, 2022 

Rhode Island

Professor Mullin gives expert legal analysis on a variety of stories featured on Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield. Click each link to see the show segment.

Professor Mullin provides expert analysis on the special prosecutor probe and conviction of Michael Flynn on Fox 61 
Professor Mullin talks Criminal Justice Reform on WYBC "Electric Drum" with Juan Castillo
Professor Mullin is asked to provide expert analysis as a videotape is released by Hartford Police

From her early days as a public defender to specializing in high-profile criminal cases at her own law firm, Professor Mullin, has maintained a passion for law and justice throughout her 30+year career. Her experience has taken her from courtrooms to television as a legal analyst and trial commentator, and to law schools and undergraduate universities teaching as an adjunct and full time professor, to the United States Navy JAG Corps as a supervisory trial counsel. Watch her talk law with well known television personalities including Dr. Phil, Ashleigh Banfield, and Nancy Grace.

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In her current role as Deputy Director and Supervisory Trial Counsel for the US Navy JAG Corps Defense Counsel Assistant Program ("DCAP"), Ms. Mullin provides day to day trial training and support to Navy JAG lawyers defending service members around the globe against all manner of charges under the UCMJ.  In conjunction with DCAP leaders, Ms. Mullin brings to bear 33 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, educator and mentor to help Navy JAGS to provide the finest, top tier representation to their clients.


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